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Relationships Australia is supporting a conversation for staff about the upcoming referendum on The Voice

  • On October 14, 2023, Australians will have their say in a referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia through an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice enshrined in our Constitution.
  • The Australian Constitution is the set of rules by which Australia is governed.
  • The only way to change the Constitution is by holding a referendum. It is up to the Australian people to decide if the Constitution should change.
  • A federal referendum is a national vote on a question about whether part of the Constitution should change. Just like a federal election, all Australian citizens aged 18 and over must vote.
  • For a referendum to be successful, a majority of voters need to vote “yes” nationally, plus a majority of voters in at least 4 out of 6 states. This is known as a double majority.

Let’s talk

Relationships Australia Leadership is taking responsibility for supporting this important conversation.

This site has been built to share credible sources of information with team members across the Relationships Australia Federation, and to aid your personal exploration of The Voice.

We all have to make a decision on how to vote during the referendum. This requires us to inform and influence ourselves and our own systems. We take responsibility by educating ourselves and making up our own minds.

What is proposed for The Voice?

These external links and resources provide an overview of the proposal.

Opinions supporting The Voice

These external links provide opinions and information supporting the proposal.

Opinions critical of the Voice

These external links provide reports on some opinions critical about the proposal.

Fact Check the Media

These external links provide fact checking on statements made in mainstream media.

Other useful resources

These external links provide resources to help navigate the debate and practice self care.