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Workplace services

Relationships Australia provides a range of counselling and other services in the workplace.

Managing relationships well both at work and at home is important for wellbeing. Relationship difficulties in one area of our life, impacts on our ability to relate effectively in the other.

Employee Assistance Programs

Our Employee Assistance Programs, including counselling and other services, can benefit employers and employees by:

  • facilitating better communication
  • reducing stress
  • contributing to a more satisfying workplace
  • enhancing workplace harmony as well as home and family life.

Benefits to employers

Our workplace services can support a happier and more productive workplace, resulting in:

  • a reduction in staff turnover (with associated cost benefits)
  • reduced absenteeism
  • less disciplinary action
  • fewer workplace accidents and related claims
  • more inclusive decision-making.

Benefits to employees

Employees can learn new ways of managing difficulties relevant to colleagues, managers and clients. If family issues are at the core of the problem Relationships Australia can provide support for:

  • relationship difficulties
  • family violence issues
  • emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • separation and divorce
  • loss and grief.

Employees attend sessions voluntarily and all services are confidential within the limits of the law. Employee Assistance Programs are available nationally.

Other workplace services

As well as individual counselling we can provide group counselling/debriefing, seminars on stress management, managing work/life balance and other topics relevant to organisations.

Contact the Relationships Australia office nearest you for information.

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