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Previous research finds that…

  • Three out of four people with a mental illness report that they have experienced stigma, with particular vulnerable groups facing higher risk.  
    • Almost 340,000 Australians have both mental illness and substance use problems.  People with co-morbid problems are often discriminated against, judged and marginalised from services and the community.
    • Same-sex attraction, gender dysphoria and intersex conditions make people more vulnerable to discrimination and this leads to a higher prevalence of mental ill health for these people. In one Australian study, 38% of same-sex attracted female respondents had experienced depression compared to 19% of heterosexual female respondents, and non-heterosexual women were almost four times more likely to have tried to harm or kill themselves.
    • Research confirms that it is almost impossible to separate the existence of a mental health condition from the experience of racial discrimination, and as such, discussions of mental health stigmatisation, in particular, faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with poor mental health need to acknowledge their lived experience of racial discrimination.

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